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421 E. El Segundo Blvd
El Segundo, CA
Tel: +1 310 322 1920
        +1 310 322 1922
Fax: +1 310 322 5146

JILS offers support for the SHRP calibrations that the Federal Highway Administration recommends getting on a yearly basis. In addition, monthly relative calibrations can be analyzed by our highly trained engineering staff.
Maintenance Contracts$5000 Per Year

Fully Trained Capable Servicing Staff, Routine Mechanical and Electrical Checkups, Monthly Web-Based Performance Monitoring, FREE Technical Phone Support.
The JILS FWDs are available to rent or lease. Testing is offered to all customers that require and FWD and operator. And deflection analysis is available for overlay design and rehabilitation purposes.
 FWD Testing
Day at a Time $1400 Per Day
Week at a Time $1200 Per Day
Month at a time $1000 Per Day
   GPR Investigation for Layer Thickness
    $1400 Per Day
 Traffic Control
    $1000 — $2000 Per Day
   FWD/GPR Moving/Transporting
    $800 Per Day