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WaveTrac Software
JILS WaveTrac Software can help you save thousands of dollars after implementing the WaveTrac data collection system for FWD's. The WaveTrac software makes FWD calibration easier and faster. It brings core processing to the forefront of technology by using the most advanced digital processing available. It has 2-3 times reduction in Standard error (Highest quality deflection measuring available).

WaveTrac Software also features:
  • Industry changing Bounce collection and analysis method.
  • Collects three sets of data from only one drop.
  • Reduces labor costs by 50% or more and can produce twice as much with the same number of FWD Units.
  • Reduces equipment usage by 33% and increases the life of moving parts for your JILS FWD by 40%.
  • 40% less time to calibrate and new deflection measurement system is two times more accurate then our competitors.

JTEST (Demo Software - available on request) – Sample Data File (2KB).
Operation and control of all JILS FWDs are performedby a proprietary Windows-based program called JTEST. This has allowed the JILS to use the latest in PCI technology which utilizes faster bus speeds and sampling rates to further enhance the performance of the JILS FWD.

The JILS system offers a unique procedure for the capture and graphic display of the time history plots for the loading force and each of the seven surface displacements. The display is presented on the computer screen within one second of the application of the load pulse. The display enables the operator to graphically review the data prior to moving to the next location. The data output format is *.dat, a raw data file format. The data can also be converted to formats like .fwd (f20) and pddx.

JILS offers laboratory calibrations of each of the velocity transducers over a displacement range from less than one mil to more than sixty mils. The calibrations may be performed at different load pulse durations, even for those with complex waveforms.

NOTE: There are several back calculation programs available that can be used to evaluate pavement and foundation structures from the data produced by the JILS FWD, but the DAPS™ program is strongly recommended.

RADAN™ is GSSI’s state-of-the-art post-processing software. With its modular design, this program allows users to select the processing functions that best suit their professional needs. RADAN is also Windows™ based, providing a familiar and easy to use environment for all levels of experience.

Developed over a 20 year span by a team of programmers with PhD's from some of the finest universities in the world, RADAN was designed to be robust but also the most easy-to-use GPR processing software in the industry. The most recent RADAN enhancement from GSSI's experienced team is GPS Integration, which allows GPS position data files and GPR scans to be integrated automatically.
Radan Software Brochure (1,021KB)